Wind Chimes

Create wind chimes with the children to explore different sounds. Cut a four inch circle from heavy cardboard. Punch 4 to 6 holes around it and tie string to these holes that is 1-2 feet in length. Punch two holes close together in the middle of the circle as well and tie a 2 foot string to this so it hangs down from the middle of the circle, and another that will be used on the top to hang the chime. Next, tie a 2 inch metal washer to the middle string. Then, collect items for the chime that when bumped against the washer will produce a sound such as: washers of different sizes, toy cars, pieces of PVC piping, large nails or screws, any small metal toy. Tie them onto the side strings to it falls at the same length as the washer in the middle (so it can bump it to make a sound). Experiment with the different items to see the different sounds they create – both alone and when they are together. Make different chimes and discuss the difference in the sounds made. Activity supports curiosity through experimentation as children work to find different sounds for the chimes.

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