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101 Tips and TricksHere’s a potpourri of ideas from my booklet, 101 Tips & Tricks:

  • For an inexpensive puppet rack, use an over the door wire shoe holder. Mount it to a wall and slip the puppets over the metal sleeves to display them!
  • When labeling shelves or bins of toys for the children, not only write the name of the item, but tape a picture of it on as well for the non-readers. It also helps them begin to sight read the words as they learn what the item in that place is. You can also help expand their use of a second language, such as Spanish, by writing the word in Spanish as well.
  • Have a bulletin board designated for photographs of the kids. Change them often to help prompt the children into talking about their day to their parents.
  • Keep a supply of clean, red, washcloths. Dampen and use on bloody wounds, the blood won’t show and it will be less scary for the child. Throw away after use.
  • Have a sturdy stool or small chair at the sink for children to stand on to wash their hands. The goal is to get them up higher than the faucet so they are putting their hands down into the sink to wash them – this prevents the water from running down their arms and getting their sleeves wet.
  • For mouth injuries, give the child a frozen marshmallow to suck on instead of an ice cube or popsicle. It’s much softer and easier on the tender gums and allows them to bite into it, getting the cold up around the sore gum area. It also doesn’t drip like ice or a popsicle will!

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