Time Management

Like most leaders, I wear many “hats” on my head. I’m often asked how I find time for it all. It’s certainly not because I have more time than others – we all have 24 hours each day and 7 days each week. Which means, no one is really doing more than someone else, we are just making different choices in regards to what we do with our hours. So what are your choices? Are they ones you’re happy with? One mistake I’ve made often enough is to let the little things take up huge amounts of my time. I got control of this by FIRST blocking time out for what I felt were my best choices for the day. Let the little things fit in the little pockets of time – or LET THEM GO! This is more than your typical “prioritizing” that people talk about. Because priority is a matter of point of view. What’s a priority to you may or may not be a priority to someone else. Where we get crazy and begin to feel our time is not our own is when we let others decide our priorities. We do the things others are saying to us they want now. But what do YOU want out of your day? Don’t forget to make time for that! Even if it’s not a big block of time, I promise you that if at the end of the day you accomplished YOUR priorities, even if you don’t get to those from others, you will feel like it was a good day. And the payoff is, if you go to sleep each night feeling like it was a good day, you will wake up in the morning MORE refreshed and ready to get even more done! We slow ourselves down when we forget ourselves. How are you going to spend YOUR next 24 hours?

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