Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity & Courtesy

Teaching the 3 CsBelieve it or not, you can learn to be creative! All it takes is the ability to take a chance. Break the rules. Try something new. We were all born with creativity in us and, unfortunately, not everyone continued to practice it or have it supported by the adults in our lives. That doesn’t mean we’ve lost the ability to be creative, and it also means we have to power to help our children retain it for life. Start exercising your creative muscles again, give it a try! Stand on a chair and sing Jailhouse Rock at the top of your lungs! Stick your face in a ball of play dough to see what impression it makes. Fill your water table with mud. Wear your clothes backwards and pretend they are just fine. Go out the window instead of the door. Teach your kids that as long as they are safe there is no “wrong” way to do things, just some more useful or imaginative than others. You’ve got to try them before you’ll know!

Being a role model for your child is key in opening their imaginations and sense of creativity. Albert Einstein tell us “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means.” (Carlson, 2008)

This is an excerpt from Patricia’s book, Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity & Courtesy, on sale this month! Buy it now HERE!

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