Staying True Vs Staying Strong

If everyone in your organization is working hard to do what was laid out by the founding directors, then why are things getting tough? Why are you losing money? Or members, customers? Or effectiveness? Why is your reputation less than appealing? Why is your voice not loud enough to change policy? Why are your customers or members unhappy with your work? It’s likely due to one thing: fear of change.

It’s a well-documented fact that the fastest way to ruin an organization or business is to hang on to the following: “It’s how we’ve always done it.” Your founding directors certainly may have had great vision and intention and set up your organization to grow and be successful. It probably worked well for a long time. But now it’s not. Facing that fact alone can be very difficult.

Staying true to your founder’s mission and procedures may be what got you where you are today, but didn’t those founders create your organization and those original missions and procedures because they wanted the organization to be strong? To succeed? To be around for years to come? And if a change is what would get that result, than by making changes are you not ultimately honoring that original vision? I think so.

You want to make your founders proud? Then make your organization strong.

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