Early Childhood & Child Care

child1If you are working in the early childhood and child care field, what an amazing opportunity! You have the power to change the life of a child. And I want to ensure that happens for you. I offer a variety of tools for helping you be the best you can be in this field, to improve the effectiveness of your teaching, your relationships with the families you serve, the success of your child care business, the success of your association, and help you build the skills that will make you a leader!

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child4Patricia Dischler is a nationally recognized speaker and author who inspires audiences with her creative ideas and inspiring presentations. Her personal story of placing her son in a ground breaking open adoption in 1985 and the lessons learned apply to all adoptions. Her book Because I Loved You has been hailed as a “roadmap to open adoption” and endorsed by five national adoption agencies including the Adoption Institute. Patricia identifies key concepts that every member of the adoption triad can benefit from and helps parents, birth families and counselors find their own path to success by focusing on what is best for the child. As Patricia says, “You can never have too many people love a child.”

Associations and Agencies

child2Are you a business owner or association leader from an organization that cares about children? Do you work to improve the lives of children? Do you want to grow as a leader and inspire others as you work to make a difference in the life of a child? Agencies and associations that care about children need to go beyond their mission of serving children’s needs and also ensure a healthy organization with good people, productive processes, and a strong vision for the work they do.

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Universities & Colleges

child3Patricia’s career as an author began with the support and encouragement of an English professor at Edgewood College and since then she’s determined to do what she can to provide support to other professors and to students too! Patricia offers a variety of presentations to inspire and inform!

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Looking for fun activities to do with your child? Or maybe a more positive approach to discipline? Or maybe you’re looking into adoption and could use some guidance? Patricia shares her years of experience of providing child care, along with her personal experience as a birthmother, in her many articles, books and training programs to help support parents. Learn how to make memorable experiences with your child and build a relationship built on trust and love!

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child6An engaging speaker, inspirational role model, and former teacher, author Patricia Dischler can deliver a presentation that brings out the writer in each student in your school! From inspiring Kindergarteners by demonstrating how a children’s book is made to motivating Middle-School and High School students to pursue publishing. Every presentation provides guidance on how students can expand their writing skills, where to find inspiring topics, how to build on ideas, create more descriptive writing and use editing to their advantage.

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