An engaging speaker, inspirational role model, and former teacher, author Patricia Dischler can deliver a presentation that brings out the writer in each student in your school! From inspiring Kindergarteners by demonstrating how a children’s book is made to motivating Middle-School and High School students to pursue publishing. Every presentation provides guidance on how students can expand their writing skills, where to find inspiring topics, how to build on ideas, create more descriptive writing and use editing to their advantage.

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You’re such a great inspiration to me! You’re a very unique person, thank you for the great newsletter!
-Nikki Preston

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The Patty Cake Kids provided a springboard for a class discussion about imagination and about helping ourselves and not just sitting weeping or grumpy waiting for mom or someone else to locate our lost possessions. Illustrations are child friendly, the story content is just enough for the beginning of school when we cannot yet sit still for long or involved tales.

-Molly Martin, Teacher for 20+ years, Authors Den Book Review

The Patty Cake Kids and the Lost Imagination Cap
The Patty Cake Kids
Teaching the 3 Cs
Teaching the 3 Cs
Tea Party CelebrationsTea Party Celebrations

School Speaking Topics


Patricia taught my students more in one day that I could in an entire semester of writing skills!
-Tracy Haupt, 5th Grade Teacher Tower Rock Elementary

Ms. Dishler shared the adventures and challenges of creating a book.  Students were encouraged and many were anxious to write their own books.  
Making  the Imagination Hats was fun and would easily be a springboard for new experiences in writing.
Rockledge Primary Teachers

Topic List for School Bookings: Kindergarten through 3rd Grade:

raisehandPutting on Your Imagination Cap: How a Children’s Book is Made

Children will see the entire process of how a children’s book is made. From the original written story, through editing, to original sketches, final illustrations, how the words were matched to the illustrations and final product. Children learn the value of editing, find inspiration for writing their own stories and learn tips for expanding their stories with descriptive language.

Following this presentation Patricia will help the teacher and children to produce their own “Imagination Caps” from paper and art supplies to keep their creative juices flowing!

4th Grade through 6th Grade:

Forming a Story

Students often struggle with where to find ideas and how to expand on them. Patricia’s presentation will give them techniques to find topics that interest and excite them, then build a full story from that topic. She will also provide tips for adding descriptive language to make their writing come alive. Examples of different forms of writing are shared: children’s books, short story, article writing, non-fiction and fiction. Students will see there is a wide spectrum of types of writing so they can find the genre that inspires their writing and gets them to pick up the pen.

bigsmile7th & 8th Grade:

Getting Down to Details: Expanding Your Writing Through Descriptive Language

There are tricks of the trade for writers to bring their writing alive and make the reader feel they are part of the story, in this session students will learn these techniques and hear readings that illustrate their use. They will see the process for submitting and publishing a book and learn the importance of editing and rewrites. Patricia will inspire emerging authors and help all students to see that everyone has a story to tell.

High School:

The Road to Becoming a Published Author

Best-selling authors are not made overnight, it takes dedication and work. Students will learn more about the many different avenues to becoming a published writer and learn how to find their niche as a writer. Patricia will share her journey to getting published and inspire students to follow their dreams. Students learn techniques for developing their writing skills and the value of being a good writer in reaching any career goal. Examples of poetry, short story, non-fiction and fiction are shared. Students are provided resources for submitting their own work for publication.

Student Feedback Option:

Patricia also offers follow-up advice for students. Teachers can make arrangements for students to send Patricia their work and receive individualized feedback.

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