Question Everything

Trust is essential to any organization. You want to trust your leaders, your members, your staff, everyone involved. But the problem with this trust is that over time it can become a blind trust. Blind trust is not healthy for an organization, it creates paths for deception and equally damaging, it creates a wide open road for bad decision-making or lost opportunities for improvement. How do you avoid falling into a blind trust? Question everything.

Exactly what do I mean about questioning everything? I really do mean everything. From what bank is the checking account with to the efficiency of the furnace in the building to what you are mailing and in what type of envelope. You never know where you will find fraud, bad decisions or an opportunity for improvement.

One example of this is when a Delta airline CEO considered something as small as the magazines put on the planes at each seat. He suggested they reduce the number of magazines they put on board, which added up to quite a large number of pounds, which made the plane lighter, which saved them hundreds of dollars on fuel costs. Switching from metal utensils to plastic did the same thing.

In looking at everything, and giving your team an opportunity to question it, brainstorm about it, and consider alternatives, you can potentially uncover things that will save your organization from untrustworthy employees, or save it time, money and more.

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