Picture3Possibilities. It’s just one little word. With so much meaning for the lives of children. I truly believe every moment we have with a child could be a moment that defines that child for the future. It’s so overwhelming sometimes that I get anxious, worried that I’ll miss a moment, that I’ll miss the opportunity to make that difference for a child!

Last night, after a full day of speaking at a conference in Nebraska, when I made my raid-the-vending-machine dinner run, there were 3 little children playing in the hallway. They were giggling, hiding around corners from each other, and went scurrying away when they saw me coming. This made me sad, it seemed like a lost opportunity. But then, that one brave little child made their move, and peeked around the corner. I was so thrilled that this child, thanks to others before me, had learned that anything is possible. A grown-up just might be nice, just might think it’s fun that they were playing hide and seek, and just might want to join. (Which I did, by the way!)

The child who believes in possibilities isn’t afraid to try. That child will take a shot at drawing a picture, writing a story, building a fort, running far, swimming fast, breaking a record or creating something new. That child has the potential to lead our nation, win a gold in the Olympics, invent something that will change our world, and even, to cure cancer. I’ll play hide and seek with that child any day of the week.

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