Give The People What They Want

It’s the thing people think but never say out loud: “What’s in it for me?” As a leader with employees, board members, or other people working under your leadership you need to be thinking it too. Ask yourself why each person should do what you are asking them to do. What’s in it for them? Sometimes it’s tangible: a raise, a bonus, a perk like free trip, dinner, or some product they want. But more often it’s the intangible: acknowledgement for a job well done, recognition from their peers, a sense of satisfaction that their work made a difference. As a leader, it’s important to know what your team is thinking, what it is they want, so you can be realistic with them about what they will actually get. If a team member believes they are getting something tangible, and that’s truly not an option for your budget, they need to know or resentment will grow. As for the intangible, everyone deserves these and a great leader ensures they happen. They may seem like the “soft stuff” but they can become the glue that keeps your team together. A thank you goes a long way. A hug does too! Don’t discount them as unimportant or you are making the choice to discount your team as unimportant. How a person FEELS when they are part of a team is closely tied to their performance level. If you can identify what is important from each of your team members, then you have identified your road map to success!

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