Get Outside Your Bubble

What is the “bubble” you work in? Everyone has one. Early Childhood. Medicine. Elementary Schools. Coaching. Business. Adoption. Camping. Publishing. There are thousands of “bubbles” we work in every day. The up side to this is that we begin to really understand our bubble – who is in it, what the work is, how that work gets done. The down side is – it’s a bubble. Nothing goes out, and nothing gets in. And it’s not a good formula for a leader who wants to grow. When we reach outside our own bubble, we can learn so much from others! A little over a year ago I joined the National Speakers Association. I started attending meetings and trainings for the Wisconsin Chapter. I met speakers in all kids of bubbles – business, sales, leadership, strategic planning, motivational, positive thinking, women’s empowerment, personal growth, etc. But not a single one was from my bubble – early childhood. At first, I was concerned that it wasn’t a good fit, that I wouldn’t learn what I needed to grow. What I found, was that this was exactly the “outside the box” (or, let’s say bubble!) information that I needed to take my skills to a completely new level. I took marketing techniques from a corporate guy that lead to more bookings. I took strategic planning tips from a board development guru to strengthen my work at NAFCC and WFCCA. I learned from a woman in the Psychology bubble how to have better communication with those in my trainings and on the boards I serve, I learned great design ideas from a computer genius and social media marketing tips from a furniture salesman! So, go to a conference outside your bubble, pick up a magazine from a different field, listen to a radio show on a topic you never pay attention to and you just might find that you’ve popped your bubble and opened up your world to some great new possibilities!

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