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stripeyIf you are working in the early childhood and child care field, what an amazing opportunity! You have the power to change the life of a child. And I want to ensure that happens for you. I offer a variety of tools for helping you be the best you can be in this field, to improve the effectiveness of your teaching, your relationships with the families you serve, the success of your child care business, the success of your association, and help you build the skills that will make you a leader!

If you only know what you’re struggling with but don’t know what the solutions are, then contact me to set up a consulting call and I’ll help you make a plan for change!

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Lots of useful and practical information that can be implemented in my preschool program, not just one thing but numerous things. I plan to start using these ideas on Monday! -Karen Rounds

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A greatly needed book at a time when creativity, curiosity and problem solving are moving over to make room for high-pressure academics. Loaded with good ideas for activities. The author’s creativity shows!
—Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Consultant and Early Childhood Specialist
Author, Dragon Mom and Diversity in Early Care and Education

From Babysitter to Business OwnerFrom Babysitter to Business Owner Teaching the 3 CsTeaching the 3 Cs 101 Tips and Tricks101 Tips and Tricks
Tea Party CelebrationsTea Party Celebrations Kidbiz
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Early Childhood & Child Care Speaking Topics


Patricia’s keynote struck the right balance of staying broad enough to connect with a large audience, yet offering practical ideas that could be implemented the next day with children and families. Her engaging style enabled her to connect with our attendees and as the final keynote of a three day line-up, her evaluations indicated she was the favorite of the conference!

—Melissa Riegel-Garrett , Vermont AEYC Executive Director

Keynote Presentations

snowMaking A Difference

Everyone wants to make a difference in their life. What we often overlook is that we can make a difference every day with small moments that can lead to a big impact. Patricia inspires audiences to tap into their potential, to find their own way of making an impact in this world: through their job, through their relationships, through their actions big and small. Living life with the attitude that you are making a difference can change everything. Looking for a new, positive outlook on your life? Join us and find out that EVERYONE has something to contribute to making this world a better place, let’s find yours!

Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity and Courtesy

Before we can teach them the 3 R’s, we need to instill in our children a love of learning, problem solving techniques and positive social skills. These are the basis for further learning and the windows to a bright, imaginative, and successful future! Let’s do more than teach children to ACQUIRE information – let’s teach them what to DO with it!

Crazy for Kids!

Are we in child care because we’re crazy, or are we crazy because we’re in child care? What’s so strange about wanting to spend a day changing diapers, wiping noses, breaking up fights, getting bit and spit up on? Nothing! The love of children can drive us to do a lot of strange things so let’s learn to embrace this silliness and use it to our advantage. Find out how to harness your crazy side, put some fun and happiness into YOUR day, and inspire the lives of children.

raisehand2Turning the Job You Love into the Career You’ll Keep!

When you open your door, you open the door to a child’s future. Learn how to obtain the satisfaction, appreciation, and lasting success you deserve from your work so you can open that door for years to come! Discover the secret to professionalism in child care: ATTITUDE! Improve your image, improve your business practices and raise the quality of care you provide. Get started on the road to success today so you can be there for the children tomorrow.

Unharness Your Creativity!

Creativity is inside us all, sometimes it just needs a little guidance to make its way to the surface! Patricia can give you the keys to unharness your creativity and let it flow into every area of  your program, inspiring the children in your care. Join us and see how far just a little craziness can take you and your business!

Half Day Presentations

Teaching the 3 C’s: Creativity, Curiosity & Courtesy

Before we can teach them the 3 R’s, we need to instill in our children a love of learning, problem solving techniques and positive social skills. These are the basis for further learning and the windows to a bright, imaginative, and successful future! Let’s do more than teach children to ACQUIRE information – let’s teach them what to DO with it!

Tea Parties Teach!

hoseswimThis high energy, interactive training teaches the participants how to celebrate the learning taking place in their programs by hosting a Tea Party Celebration that includes baking with children, costuming and the social/emotional benefits of a tea party that is so packed with fun that boys and girls alike will be engaged! Participants create their own costumes as well using just sheets and tape, ending with a fabulous fashion show! Perfect for a Provider/Teacher Appreciation event, retreat, or other event designed for fun, motivation for the profession, and some real ideas that can be immediately put into place.

Filling Openings vs. Finding Partners

How to build your reputation, build your enrollment, and build successful partnerships with families. Participants will take the first steps in creating their own “Parent Handbook” of information and policies that showcases their individualities, learn to create an effective marketing plan and practice proven interviewing techniques.

From Babysitter to Business Owner

How to take your child care business from the ordinary to the exceptional! Infuse every part of your business with professionalism to get the results you are looking for. Topics covered include: professional image (including personal image, curriculum and environment), creating a Parent Handbook, marketing and communicating with parents.

Communicating With Parents 101

The biggest obstacle in meeting the goals we have for the children or our business is: the parents! Learn how to bring parents into your child care family and make them partners. Decode what the parents are telling you and get to the heart of their issues. Create an environment that supports an open flow of communication and provide opportunities for successful collaboration. We’ll work together on solving problems – and preventing them so you can leave with the tools you need to reach all the parents.


playTea Parties Teach!

Learn how to implement a “Tea Party Day” and fill your lesson plans with opportunities to spend quality time with the children, engage in activities that are easily adaptable to meet a variety of developmental levels, and create the anticipation and excitement that powers a child’s learning potential! Boys & Girls alike will get excited about their own learning through baking, costuming, and holding a variety of theme based tea parties such as animals, superheros, and more!

Inspiring Young Authors

Learn from a published children’s book author how to encourage children to be readers and writers from the start! Tips on how to engage children preschool through 3rd grade in activities that support their creativity, get them excited about books, and support their skills as emerging authors.

Policies and More: Creating a Parent Handbook

hulahoopsShow parents the philosophy and goals that drive your business by creating a Parent Handbook that includes school information, policies and procedures and contract information. Learn how this tool can aid in discussing tough topics with parents and conducting interviews.

The Parents Can’t Hear Me!

Learn general principals for successful communication with parents, specific techniques to reach all the parents and guidelines for conducting interviews and conferences.

Creating a Professional Attitude & Image

Providers are shown where to find the strength from within to see themselves as professionals. Gaining respect and appreciation from others begins with how you see yourself. Topics covered: professional attitude, professional image and the benefits/barriers providers face on the road to professionalism.

tongueYour Space/Their Space: Creating Inspirational Child Care Environments

A child care space needs to do so much – support education, inspire, provide safety, minimize conflicts. Yet it should do even more – reflect the personalities of those who are in it! Learn how to create a space that not only supports the goals for the children – but supports those who teach in it as well! The children deserve a great place to learn – and you deserve a great place to work!

Tips and Tricks

Who’s got extra time and money? No one! Get dozens of ideas to make your job easier, create inexpensive activities and toys, share your best tips and go home with a treasure trove of tricks to help you with the kids, the parents and your budget!

Fabulous Fieldtrips!

Open the world to the children in your care! Tips for every step of the way will take away any fears. Receive a “magic field trip bag” supply list and dozens of ideas on where to go and resources to use to find new places specific to your area.

Marketing & Interviews

Learn the techniques that will fill your openings before they happen and the interview skills to find the partnerships your business deserves! Topics covered: building a professional image, marketing, advertising, professional phone skills, interviewing.

bigsmile2From Braggers To Biters

Take a fun look at some of the troublesome behaviors we encounter in children. Come and share your frustrations – and your successes! We’ll work together to find creative ways to solve these problems and also take some time to discover what life lessons we can learn from them to help us gain a new perspective and appreciate the good even in the worst situations.

Controlling the Craziness: An Administrators Guide

When everything around us seems to be going crazy – the kids, the parents, the staff – we’re the ones who need to keep our sanity, right? Wrong! Learn how embracing the craziness of your business can be the key to creating a positive, stress-free environment for all the families and staff in your care. Learn to tackle problems head on with a smile!

toysTeaching the 3 C’s: Creativity, Curiosity & Courtesy

Before we can teach them the 3 R’s, we need to instill in our children a love of learning, problem solving techniques and positive social skills. These are the basis for further learning and the windows to a bright, imaginative, and successful future!
NOTE: This topic is also available in a Science or Literacy version, or a half-day training.

Early Childhood Mentoring = Growing Leaders

The biggest misconception about being a leader is that you are the one in front of everyone else. The truth is, great leaders never take the front seat but do all they can to provide support from behind, get out of the way when they witness growth in others, and shine a spotlight on those who do great things. Join us for an interactive session on building leadership skills in order to support others. We’ll start with you: building your own leadership skills including building relationships, clear communication and uncovering the creative ideas of others. Then we’ll cover what you are hoping to inspire in others: professionalism in early childhood, including a professional attitude and image, marketing and business skill and operating a quality program. Let’s grow some leaders!

friendsLittle Moments = Big Impact

Working with infants and toddlers is an opportunity to make a big impact on a child’s life through little moments that happen every day, all day. Every word, gesture, and experience you provide for these young children builds their sense of the world. It’s both exciting and challenging to make the most of it. This session will give you the perspective to see the value in these moments, capture them, and create a nurturing and educational environment where infants and toddlers will thrive!

OTHER TRAINING TOPICS: All presentations can be tailor-made specifically for you event based on your theme/goals. Half and full day trainings can be customized by combining workshop topics of interest.