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pinkhockeyAre you a business owner or association leader from an organization that cares about children? Do you work to improve the lives of children? Do you want to grow as a leader and inspire others as you work to make a difference in the life of a child? Agencies and associations that care about children need to go beyond their mission of serving children’s needs and also ensure a healthy organization with good people, productive processes, and a strong vision for the work they do.

My years of experience as a business owner of three different businesses and board member for several non-profit associations, including President of the National Association for Family Child Care, has not only contributed to my growth as a leader in the industry, but provided me with the experience to help grow new leaders. From board development, communication practices, marketing and strategic planning, I have helped guide business owners and boards to success! My leadership strategies guide new leaders, build strong organizations, and as with everything I do, inspires growth through creative thinking and strategies that are definitely outside the box!

Tap into my leader development and business growth resources! See below for the many ways I can help leaders succeed or contact me directly and we can set up some consulting services to bring your organization to its full potential!

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The stories really bring a point home with power and relevance.
-Karen Skorczewski

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Association Leadership Strategies
Board Development Training by Patricia Dischler
Author, Speaker, NAFCC President

Move beyond the Strategic Planning and get your group to do some Strategic DOING!

Building from the Disney® Institute’s Leadership Strategies, Patricia will help guide your organization into turning their great ideas into great accomplishments. Learn skills for building strong relationships, uncovering the creative ideas of your team, and providing the exceptional membership service that is essential for any organization to succeed.

The following are components of trainings that can be pieced together to match your specific needs:

oceanHow To Turn Strategic Planning into a Strategic Doing

This segment helps guide your board into real work, taking your strategic plan and building from it policies that will support the work, a work plan that will track accomplishments, and operating procedures to facilitate communications during role changes. Learn how to create a system that not only starts getting things done now, but helps your organization stay consistent in its over time and throughout position changes.

Improving Productivity: Board Communication and Time Management

Help your board members improve their productivity by providing them clear paths for communication and work flow, and teaching them how to be efficient with their time and projects. Communication flow is specific to your organization, Patricia works with your President to create flow charts and descriptions prior to training. Time management training helps board members not only find the time to do board work but to learn a system that helps them better organize all the activities in their day.

Board development trainings can be developed to cover from a half day up to two full days to meet your needs. Call Patricia to discuss the needs of your board – 608-544-2733.

Segments offered:

Depending on time scheduled, associations may choose to have all topics presented or choose those that best meet their needs.

Getting the Most Out Of Your People

  • Everyone is important.
  • Break the mold – find the structure that works.
  • People are your brand – find the right ones.
  • Create magic through training.

playtunnelTackle the Tough Stuff

  • Eliminate Hassles
  • Learn the Truth

Burn Free Fuel

  • Techniques that are free, but have the biggest impact.
  • Inspiring volunteers to action.

Never to Old to Learn a New Trick

  • Stay ahead of the pack.
  • Careful what you say and do.

ballDevelop Character

  • Live your values.
  • Teach your values.

Applying the Strategies to Your Work

  • Sharing ideas.
  • Putting it in writing.

Note: The above segments are based on the book”Creating Magic” by Lee Cockerell and modified to fit the workings of a child care association. It is highly recommended that the association provide a copy of this book to all participants.

Contact Patricia TODAY to make a plan to get your board DOING!