kidstoysPatricia Dischler is a nationally recognized speaker and author who inspires audiences with her creative ideas and inspiring presentations. Her personal story of placing her son in a ground breaking open adoption in 1985 and the lessons learned apply to all adoptions. Her book Because I Loved You has been hailed as a “roadmap to open adoption” and endorsed by five national adoption agencies including the Adoption Institute. Patricia identifies key concepts that every member of the adoption triad can benefit from and helps parents, birth families and counselors find their own path to success by focusing on what is best for the child. As Patricia says, “You can never have too many people love a child.”

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“Because I Loved You” is such an awesome addition to adoption literature. I have been doing open adoptions for 25 years, and I only wish we had had it from the beginning. I love having a book that is written by a birth mom. We have made the books available to each one of our birth moms, and they love it. It answers so many of their questions and validates their feelings. We are also making the book required reading for our “waiting” adoptive parents, as well as the families who have already adopted through our agency, which is also a Crisis Pregnancy Ministry. It is so helpful for them to understand the grief and loss that a birth mom experiences, and the many advantages of open adoption to each person in the adoption triad.
-Cheryl Bauman, Director of Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

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I found this book to be very honest, open, and factual. It relays practical advice to birthmothers and brings to light many issues they might not think of, if they are not getting counseling.
—JoAnn Weitz, Adoption/Pregnancy Services Coordinator, Catholic Charities, the Archdiocese of Dubuque

Because I Loved You
Because I Loved You
No Regrets
No Regrets

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Patricia’s story so perfectly illustrates the mutual respect that must exist between a birthmother and the adoptive couple. Adoptive Families are able to see firsthand the beauty open adoption can bring for all those involved.
—Carrie Pedersen, Lutheran Social Services

Because I Loved YouBased on the book: Because I Loved You: A Birthmother’s View Of Open Adoption

By Patricia Dischler

The key element in each of Patricia’s training’s is to share an honest story of a birthmother’s experience in order to teach others how respect, understanding and love can be the keys to successful adoption arrangements.


Teaching Respect, Understanding and Love in Adoption

Through Patricia’s personal story of adoption counselors are giving insight to the thoughts, emotions and actions of a birthmother beginning before discovering an unplanned pregnancy, through the birth and relinquishment, and continuing throughout the child’s life while building a relationship with the adoptive family. The goals of this training are to give adoptive counselors a better understanding of birthmother’s and the impact that relinquishing a child has on their life in order to better support them through this process. Also, to use this new insight to counsel adoptive parents and help them to trust in the process. By raising adoptive parents level of respect of birthmothers counselors will help all parties in building successful, lasting relationships. Finally, this training will give counselors the information they need to help adoptive parents with closed adoptions, providing them the “story” of love behind a birthmother’s decision that can be shared with the adoptive child and eliminate any feelings of abandonment.


Trusting In A Stranger For The Sake Of A Child

Adoptive parents will hear first hand the emotional journey experienced by a birthmother in choosing to place her child. Hearing this honest account will help adoptive parents to understand a birthmother’s choice and respect her experience. Patricia shares her journey in building a trusting relationship with her son’s adoptive parents, creating a road map for others to follow. Facing fears in adoption is emphasized and participants will learn how to take those first steps of trust. Patricia discusses the changes in relationships as the child grows into adulthood and how facing fears through honest, open communication will help everyone to make it through. Understanding a birthmother’s loving choice will also help adoptive parents in closed adoptions by giving them the information they need in order to talk with their child about the love behind the choice and eliminate any feelings of abandonment by the child.


Finding Your Happy Ending

Birthmother’s who are just beginning their journey through the adoption experience are filled with fears, hearing the full story of an adoption journey can help them to begin their own. Learning how to trust strangers with their child, to face their fears, and to understand and respect the fears of adoptive parents, will give them the tools they need to build a successful relationship with their child’s new parents. Patricia’s story has a beautiful, happy ending. This story shows how the courage of a birthmother to put her child’s needs before her own will fulfill her hopes and dreams for her child’s future. Birthmother’s will see how this experience will effect them for years to come, and learn to plan for it and create a path in their own life that will lead to a happy ending for them and their child.

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