Activity: Cooperative Musical Games

Jordan plays pianoPlay classic games such as Farmer in the Dell, Ring Around The Rosie and Musical Chairs! To get the most out of these activities, allow children to choose among themselves the roles they will play. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings during and after the game has been played. Take turns so everyone gets a chance to play the role they would like. For musical chairs, instead of removing a chair each turn, have the child without a chair sit on the lap of another child. As the game progresses, you will end up with one long line of children sitting on the lap of another! Finding ways to alter games so that everyone can participate and feel rewarded for doing so, rather than left out or punished, should be the goal for all cooperative games. When choosing music, take the opportunity to use different kinds, including having the children sing, the teacher or parent sing, and a variety of musical genres. These games use balanced brain activities through music, sequencing and decision making and combine it with the physical activity of the movement to the music and social development as the children learn to play cooperatively together.

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