As a Center director for over 25 years and educator in early childhood for over 30 years, I was so impressed with Patricia Dischler’s simple, yet powerful message that will change the lives of children and educators forever.  Her messages focus on the value of allowing children to be children and teachers to be creative as well as imaginative as they guide the natural learning process for each and every child.  Patricia’s presentations make learning come to life as she provides example after example and story after story of realistic, creative opportunities she provided children daily in her business to discover, explore and imagine possibilities.  I was so impressed with her commitment to using ‘recycled’ materials to stimulate the five senses and turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary as educators were reminded of taking “time” to allow children to be creative and “think” about the what if.  Our Tea Party Celebration with Patricia was indeed one of the most memorable experiences in my life, and will always remind me of the importance for teaching children the 3 C’s –  “curious, creative and courteous.

Dr. Kim Madsen, CFCS
Professor ~ Family & Consumer Sciences
Chadron State College
Burkhiser Technology Complex
1000 Main Street
Chadron, NE  69337