About Patricia

Patricia DischlerThank you for visiting my site, I hope you’ll spend some time clicking around and getting to know me better! As you probably saw by the home page, I wear a lot of “hats” these days, but they all have one common denominator: children. I’ve spent the past 25 years caring for and about children, and those who make a difference in the lives of children. Nothing like the sweet smell of a newborn, or the hug of an excited preschooler, or the proud smile of a school age child to make your day. So I work hard to fill my days with as much of these moments as possible and help others to do the same!

While I absolutely loved working directly with children in centers and my family child care business, Patty Cake Preschool, after 20 years I gave out my last hugs and switched my focus to writing books and presenting trainings for others who care for and about children. I spend most of my time now traveling across the country presenting trainings and keynotes and doing consulting work for agencies and associations. I’ve written numerous articles, blogs and books to help teachers, providers, parents and the schools, associations and agencies that support them. I feel very blessed to have a life where I am able to focus on the two things I love most: children and writing!

I love to use my experience and expertise to help others: to show a family child care provider how to finally have a strong contract, to show a teacher how to confidently guide a child’s learning, to show a parent how to discipline with a smile, an adoptive parent how to embrace openness, and agency staff and associations how to grow their leaders and build strong organizations that can really make a difference!

My company, KIDBIZ Resources is dedicated to serving those who care for and about children. Dig around and see all the great things KIDBIZ has to offer to help improve your teaching, parenting and more! Books, articles, presentations, consulting, there are many ways KIDBIZ can help!

Feel free to contact me anytime, ask a question, give me some feedback on my work, or suggest something new I can write about that will help you. And thanks for visiting my site, I hope you find it helpful.

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