A Leader’s Song

As owner of Patty Cake Preschool, I decided our school needed a song. With the help of my sister, I soon wrote one, taught the children, and it quickly became our signature performance at all graduations and during the summer parade. The song accomplished a few different things: brought together the children in a sense of pride and camaraderie as they sang it together, and was a great marketing tool not only in its words that told others about what we did but in the showmanship of having the group of children proudly sing it.

When I became President of NAFCC, I saw a value in bringing a song to our board as well for the same reasons: to bring us together and to showcase to others what we’re about. At conference, instead of just introducing the board to participants, we played the song “One Voice” by Barry Manilow, and one by one, board members rose from the crowd and joined in.

This song highlights how one voice can be strong when it is joined by another, and another. This idea reflected what we did as a board – we brought together the individual voices of our members, and ourselves as board members, to become a strong, loud voice to the world on quality family child care. It was a moving experience. The entire audience joined in by the second verse and were so moved we decided at that moment to replay the entire song so we could all sing it together!

Music has a way of bringing people together. To highlight emotion, to showcase relationships and actions. If you are a leader of any group: employees, volunteers, teammates, etc., consider finding a song to unite and inspire the work of your group. Is there a song they would relate to? That would inspire them. That would bond them. Think of an upcoming event where you could work this in. A meeting, a training, a conference. And remember to have fun! Singing is a joyful thing, bringing some joy into the work your team does is a great way to motivate them!

Whether it’s one theme song for your company or team, or it’s borrowing a song that’s out there that can inspire and bond your group, a leader’s job can be made easier with just a little music!

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