10 Reasons To Love Mud!

  1. It’s free. (No yard? Sweep your floor every day and save it, add water = mud!)
  2. It washes up easily. (Even if the kids paint your entire house with it!)
  3. It comes in a variety of colors. (Different types of dirt make different colors of mud!)
  4. It can teach concepts from liquid to solid. (Add liquids like sparkling water or solids like cereal!)
  5. You can experiment with mud pie recipes without fear of ever having to actually taste it!
  6. It engages every child, they can’t resist it!
  7. You can smear it on a table and “draw” in it with your fingers.
  8. You can add dirt to make it thicker and shape it. (Stop paying for clay!)
  9. You can add water to it and make fake milkshakes. (Seal in bottles with small toy shapes that will settle and be a surprise the child can see when they press on the outside!)
  10. You can be clueless as to what to do with it and hand it to a child and they will show you 100 ways to use it to have fun!
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