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A Bridge Without Rails

One of my favorite early childhood experts is Janet Gonzales-Mena. If you’ve never read her books, and especially if you work with infants and toddlers, I highly recommend you stop reading this blog and go buy all her books – … Continue reading

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Best Organizational Tool for YOU!

As someone who wears lots of “hats” and is involved in many projects, organizating of all my activities can become very overwhelming at times. I’ve tried many different systems and what I’ve found is that there is no such thing … Continue reading

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Activity: Cooperative Musical Games

Play classic games such as Farmer in the Dell, Ring Around The Rosie and Musical Chairs! To get the most out of these activities, allow children to choose among themselves the roles they will play. Encourage them to share their … Continue reading

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Pick Up The Broom

When I was young, my Dad told my sister’s and I a story about how he had been looking to hire some new guys to help out on a construction job, and the trick he used to make sure he … Continue reading

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10 Things To Do With A Paper Cup

Ever think that being stuck in an airport could be the best afternoon of your week? It was for me! On a recent trip, after a grueling week of lots of board work and little sleep, I was finally on … Continue reading

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New Mom

Many of you work with, or are, new Mom’s. The new Mom is unlike any other woman. They’ve experienced the pure love and joy of seeing a small one look at them with complete trust and love. And they’ve experienced … Continue reading

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Question Everything

Trust is essential to any organization. You want to trust your leaders, your members, your staff, everyone involved. But the problem with this trust is that over time it can become a blind trust. Blind trust is not healthy for … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Here’s a potpourri of ideas from my booklet, 101 Tips & Tricks: For an inexpensive puppet rack, use an over the door wire shoe holder. Mount it to a wall and slip the puppets over the metal sleeves to display … Continue reading

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Celebrating Accomplishments

How do you help your board or staff celebrate accomplishments? If you find you’re not celebrating much, it’s possible that it’s not because you’re not accomplishing anything but instead that you’re not measuring anything. You might just need to back … Continue reading

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Holding To Traditions

I love traditions. In my family culture, in the organizations I work in as well. Traditions bring people together by helping us tap into memories of past times where we did the activity and these collections of shared memories bond … Continue reading

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